This simple, yet very effective, marker acts as a warning to other road users. Alerting them to keep that extra distance between themselves and your parked vehicle, in order to avoid contact with your wing mirror.

Granted, we can’t guarantee that passing traffic won’t knock into the flexible marker - unfortunately some drivers will always try to squeeze through a gap that is just too small... However, we feel it gives sufficient visual guidance to significantly reduce the chances of this happening. And as the flexible marker is made from a robust, flexible material, it simply bounces back if hit.

how to install could not be easier to install. Simply open your vehicle door, hold the flexible marker in place and close. It fits all vehicle types and is printed on both sides, so it doesn’t matter which way you are facing the moving traffic when parked.

The flexible markers are bright and entirely reflective, so they are highly visible both during the day and at night.

Wing mirrors are expensive to replace, especially those that are ‘all singing, all dancing’. Plus, for drivers that get really close, a scrape down the whole side of your vehicle can be very costly! Offenders rarely stop to leave details, so it is YOU, the innocent party, that is left with the bill.

At only £10 including p&p, can you afford NOT to have one?

Made in Britain

Made in Britain